Is the world post-truth?
What sparked modernity?
What is the root of freedom?

Is Truth a private matter, to be thought about in our free time, but that ultimately has no relevance for public life? In this short video series, we look into historical and current examples of why Truth is the foundation for success in every sphere of society.

The Reformation Series

Why the West Attracts Immigrants

Ancient and medieval history belonged to the South and the East, but globalisation has meant westernisation. What enabled Europe to take the lead? And what are the consequences of a Post-Truth era?

The Woman Behind the West’s Economic Success

500 years ago, India was wealthier than Europe. What changed? Can we credit the West’s success to “guns, germs, and steel”? While these did play a role, we cannot overlook one woman’s role in changing the West’s fortunes.

How the West Harnessed Sexual Energy

Sex: a private matter very much in the public’s interest. According to Indian scholars, one of the West’s secrets was the harnessing of sexual energy to build stable families. Is monogamy an outdated religious idea? What is the alternative?

The West’s Big Secret: Human Dignity

1000 years ago, Islam was more advanced than the West in every respect. Then one idea changed everything: the concept of human dignity. Throughout history it has never been held as self-evident, so where did the West get this notion?

Democracy: Why It Finally Worked

How did the Reformation create the political movement that the Enlightenment later labelled Democracy? Everyone in Europe was a subject without a right to life or liberty. Where did the notion of freedom come from? Democracy cannot be sustained by ballot box alone!

Education: The Opening of the Western Mind

Traditionally, the child of a fisherman, shepherd, or carpenter could not go to school in Europe. Did Atheism make the West a thinking civilization? Learn how education was taken from the elite and brought to everyone.


Why was modern science born in Europe in the 16th century? Was it atheism that fueled scientific thinking? How did logic actually prevent scientific progress?


Why don’t Western women carry water on their heads like women in Africa and India? What prompted Christian monks to develop technology rather than beg like Buddhist monks?


Corruption causes poverty. It is where wealth is transferred from the powerless to the powerful and is the norm globally. But a few countries seem to have integrity. Where does this character come from?

Can Nations Be Reformed?

The Reformers would have agreed that religion is the opium of the masses, but faith in a living God results in hope. As a result corrupt, cruel and poor nations can be reformed. They can be freed from intolerance, superstition, and oppression.

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We are scholars and media professionals dedicated to equipping you to defend the relevance of Truth in today’s society. Understand the ideas that created the world we live in — and their relevance for our future.

Our first season features content by international speaker Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi, bestselling author of “The Book that Made Your World”. Dr. Mangalwadi expounds the role of Truth in creating the modern world, especially as discovered during the Protestant Reformation.

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Vishal Mangalwadi



is a popular international speaker, and bestselling author of 20 books, most notably The Book that Made Your World: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization. He served as the Director of the Centre for Human Resource Development at SHUATS university at Allahabad, India.

Jyoti Guptara



has been a full-time writer since the age of 15. Two years later his debut, an epic fantasy, was a bestseller. His writing deals with big themes, most recently euthanasia (short story, The Conversation Doctor) and the Indian caste system (novella, The Promise of the Sky).

Suresh Guptara



is a writer and creative strategist. He holds a master's degree in Geopolitics & Security and is a national service officer in the Swiss Armed Forces' Horizon Scanning unit. As teenagers he and twin brother Jyoti penned a trilogy of best-selling fantasy novels.

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can produce ideas at the push of a button. A solutions man with a background in graphical design and photography, he co-founded CRUNCH, a studio in Switzerland that specialises in advertisements.

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is a “jack of all trades”. A passionate programmer, he co-founded CRUNCH, a studio in Switzerland that specialises in advertisements.

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is a European missionary who's lived and worked in Greece since 2004 with Hellenic Ministries. She’s worked on different Christ centered projects and is now a web developer. She’s a graduate from the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and is passionate about reaching Europe with the Gospel.

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